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Does online slot machines are illegal?

Does online slot machines are illegal?

Online gambling is one of the rapidly growing industry and this gambling also supports the country economically. Most people interested in gambling this is the reason why they are rapidly emerging and due to this reason, most countries legalized gambling.

Even though they have legalized there are some restrictions over gambling activities. Before gambling you should be aware of the gambling laws by country this is because each country will get differ in its rules and regulations.

Through the online slot machine, you can win real money but in some countries, online slot machines illegal around the world. In this case, you have to grasp the knowledge of it. And those countries include Afghanistan, Algeria, Cyprus, Cambodia, Poland and much more.

Gambling legislations

The gambling legislation of each country get varies and they are very complex too. The reason for this difference is the perception over gambling is getting different in different cultures this makes gambling into the illegal act. Gaming legislations of some of the country is mentioned below;


In Germany, other than the horse racing and sports betting the practice of gambling is limited that is those practices through the machines installed outside the casino. Because most people are involving in gambling and getting addicted to it, this is the main reason why the slot machines are not completely legal in Germany.

online slot machines


The online gambling is there in France from 2010 and they allow only the online poker games, horse betting, and sports betting. But the casino games and slot machines are strictly prohibited.


There are more gaming sectors are emerging in Italy and they are licensed by the Italian government. Even though there are lots of private gambling sectors the online slot machines are not considered as the game and they are prohibited.


In Greece, the government has banned online slot gaming options and they legalized online betting inside the country. This is to increase the competitiveness among the gambling operators but due to this, they have faced some of the losses.


The online gambling is completely prohibited inside the country so that the casino sites and the online poker games are falls in illegal options, so gambling inside the country becomes the offense.

Final thoughts

These are the very few countries where gambling is completely illegal, the gambling legislations get varies so be alert and aware of the rules and regulations of the country before start gambling.

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