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Regulation of wagering in Nigeria

Regulation of wagering in Nigeria

Betting regulation in Nigeria and gambling are illegal in Nigeria followed under Chapter 22 of the Criminal Code. Skill like card games, backgammon, our national lottery, and our nation’s three licensed casinos. The law leaves space for the state to run betting pools and racing totes.

Illegal Gambling in Nigeria

Underground casinos, football mafia bookies, unauthorized lotteries and domestically operated illegal betting sites are spread throughout the legal prohibitions of virtual betting in Nigeria. Because the players themselves are also committing a criminal offense, there’s no player protection.

If a bookie refuses to pay, a casino rigs a game, or other scams are run, the player has nowhere to show. As scams are common here, it’s far safer to gamble with online gambling websites that are licensed and controlled in foreign countries.

One of the simplest places to seem is sites regulated within the UK or elsewhere within the European Union where gambling is legal.

regulation of wagering

The reason this is often an honest idea is even Nigerians can complain via post or internet once they have a dispute with a European licensed gambling site.

Complains to their gambling commission and their sanctioned arbitrators. Because the sites know this – and since most are already honest – such complaints are rare.

Also, understand our local police haven’t any jurisdiction over these sites. While they’re violating Nigerian law, this law doesn’t apply to them as they are not located here.

The police here aren’t too concerned with stopping gamblers from using European licensed websites. By the law, Game, scheme, agreement, system, plan, promotional competition or device for the distribution of prizes or as a result of the exercise of skill and chance or compared on the outcome of sporting events or device.

The President may by notice in the Gazette declare to be a lottery and which shall be operated consistent with a license as mentioned in the law.

While many sorts of gambling are illegal in Nigeria, many betting websites allow players from that country to play online sports wagering in Nigeria.

Online gambling isn’t regulated in Nigeria and thus is legal for Nigerians to interact in. As such, most online betting sites accept Nigerian players unless licensing restrictions prevent them from offering their services to Nigeria.

The main framework in terms of gambling in Nigeria is laid call at the 1990 Criminal Code Act, but online gambling isn’t a neighborhood of that and, again, is not regulated in the country.

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