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Regulation of online gambling in South Africa

Regulation of online gambling in South Africa

Gambling which is also known as betting and wagering i.e., online betting in South Africa has restricted from 1673, alongside South Africa’s Gambling Act and it is also publically banned except horse racing which is considered as a sporting activity.

In 1996 the National Gambling Act generated a system of licensed casinos and a single national lottery. Online betting legal in South Africa, making use of licensed bookmakers.

All other ways of online gambling are illegal and subject to harsh penalties for everyone who practices, companies that offer online gambling services and financial institutions will facilitate online betting transactions.

National Gambling Act of 2004

Gambling is followed by licensing of online betting sites in SA. The Act applies to all gambling actions and contains clauses that exactly ban online gambling.

However, the Act makes ways for bookmakers to acquire licenses and thereby offer legal online sports betting services. South African citizens are restricted from making use of unlicensed bookmakers, including offshore bookmakers that have not obtained South African licenses.

Whether it is legal to bet online in South Africa?

A sports betting is legal to provide the use of a bookmaker that has been licensed by a gambling or horseracing board in South Africa.

A great amount of cumulative international bookmakers are needful licenses to function in South Africa and can now bet online with small options of major bookmaker brands.

South Africa sports betting is 100% legalized and followed by betting on poker and casino games are illegal. South Africans can also be said legally using an online gaming site if they use it only to bet on horses and sports events, not on casino or poker games.

online gambling

Best Sports Betting is your home for all Sports Betting, so we have shown this written guide list of South African betting sites, offers Sports but Lucky Numbers, Lotto, Bet games and more.

With more than 50 bookmakers to choose from South Africa can be hard to choose the perfect bookmaker.

Moreover, there are currently nine boards in South Africa were licenses for online betting sites are provided. The provider is the WCGRB, Western Cape Gambling, and Racing Board, but there is a licensing board located in each province.

An increasing number of international bookmakers are moving onto the South African market, offering savvy players a providing range of sportsbook markets and new features. Each of those international bookmakers offers their new players tantalizing welcome bonuses and promotions.

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