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The countries where gambling is illegal?

The countries where gambling is illegal?

Most people around the world will enjoy gambling and some of those are playing it for time pass and still, some of them are playing it seriously for the real money. The count of gamblers worldwide is increasing day by day so that most countries have legalized this gambling.

But still, certain countries are not permitting the gambling inside their countries and they were following strict rules to prohibit their growth inside their border, not only gambling online gambling is illegal.

For most people, the online casino and the sports betting are becoming the favorite time pass but unfortunately, it was not legal in some countries and they punish the gamblers who gamble illegally inside their border and the people who set up the online gambling site without the permission.

United Arab Emirates

Most people don’t know that the Islamic people considering this gambling as the type of sin and this is the reason why almost every Islamic country is prohibiting gambling that is of any kind.

In the United Arab Emirates, the laws and rules and regulations are very strict when comparing to other countries. If they found anyone is gambling illegally they will be imprisoned for two years without any investigations.


In the past days, the Cambodia government has permitted all types of gambling in their country but later they have seen that most people getting addicted to it. So they decided to ban all the gambling platforms inside their country.

But now they allow some of the private lotteries and that comes in 5 different forms. But when you are an outsider that is traveler you should know that you are allowed to gamble or bet inside their country.


Another important country is Singapore, gambling is completely illegal there. This country has banned all kinds of land-based and online gambling sites under the act called Singapore remote act. But still, some operators are granted permission by the government as the exemption.

illegal gambling


You can find gambling is illegal in Lebanon and according to their law, they have the right to ban or block the online gambling site which comes across as they breaking the law of the state.

Final words

These are the countries where gambling is illegal in the world and they were following certain rules and regulations to ban or block the online gambling sites that breaking their laws.

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